New York Events – Social Hour, Caribbean Garden

Watch and learn about wintertime rituals like Winter Sword Dancing with Social Hour at Central Park on January 20th (6:30pm-8pm). The event is conducted around this time every year. Attend an eye-opening performance accompanied by live music, a lecture and a Q&A session with the dancers. The sword dancers are highly skilled, and they come up with different moves and excitement each time. Social Hour is produced by New York’s Half Moon Sword, and is a world-renowned program which is conducted in every President’s Day weekend. Millions of people come from across the globe to attend this amazing sword-dancing performance.

Experience the magic of Tropics right here in New York City at the Caribbean Garden in New York Botanical Garden. You can join the tour scheduled from January 15th to January 27th, throughout which an exotic collection of trees, flowers and foliage will be shown. The tour will be showcasing a beautiful variety of flowers, from orange-yellow crotons and fuschia bromeliads to rosy-red hibiscuses. This place also features a beautiful Victorian-style glasshouse which was shut down for some time due to last summer’s structural and horticultural renovation. You can also see a variety of other pretty things including palm trees, bright desert landscapes, and unusual species of aquatic and medicinal plants. Discover the diversity in our nature, in this tour starting at 10am each day.

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New York Events – GMAT Preview And Networking Mixer, The Bruckner Bar And Grill, Asian Society And Museum

All those who want to take GMAT can go to Manhattan GMAT New York Centre on 6th January (7pm-9pm). The event, GMAT Preview And Networking Mixer, will help you get into one of the best management schools. It will also provide you with additional information, as in how to get through this examination. You can also gain additional knowledge about the examination patterns, how the examination takes place, and other things. You can discuss your queries with many other young professionals. To make things interesting, while you converse on all these matters, you can help yourselves to drinks and appetizers being served.

The Bruckner Bar And Grill is holding a special screening of short movies on January 6th from 7pm. These short films are gathered from inner cities. The list of documentaries features Bronx Princess, Bongo Barbershop, Brothers Fantastic and Internet Celebrities Sneak Preview. You can enjoy all these interesting screenings on the rooftop bar.

Enjoy the return of Japanese sounds, Hogaku, at the Asian Society And Museum on January 8th from 8pm to 10pm. This is a mixture of contemporary and traditional music. You will also receive a free pre-performance lecture by Ralph Samuelson.

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New York Events – The African Film Festival (AFF), The Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA)

Advance and increase your knowledge by attending The African Film Festival (AFF) at 154 West 18th Street, Suite 2A. This festival will be showcasing numerous stories of post-colonial Africa. It was originally founded in 1993, where many people will take part in the discussion of the topics and this will go on for two months. The films showed at AFF are mostly directed by Africans but recently, there was screening of a film made by the Film Society of Lincoln Centre. This festival takes place every year from April to May and helps the African filmmakers to prove their point of view.

The art aficionado can enjoy the beautiful art pieces at the Museum of Modern Arts. This place started in 1929, and now showcases a unique collection of modern art from the 19th century. The MoMA displays all forms of modern arts including paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photography, films, architecture and designs. The museum was renovated in 2006, and now you can see a wider range of art products as there are 8 stories to the building. The renovation was funded by Yoshio Taniguchi.

The museum is a major attraction for those in the educational field, as it provides educational programs in four different areas; Adult and Academic Programs, Community and Access Programs, School and Teacher Programs and Educational Resources. The museum also has two theatres where there are more than 30 screenings.

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New York Events – Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Laws of Illusion, Performance Of Danzon, Rami Kleinstein

Gotham Writers’ Workshop is conducting an event to promote creative writing in people. This workshop will conduct 36 classes, and will teach you the various skills involved. These classes will also help your thoughts to flow systematically, and allow you to think out of the box. You can attend these classes from January 11th, every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm.

Sarah McLachlan is performing her first studio album after seven years, Laws of Illusion, live on the stage of Beacon Theatre. This event will also feature some special guests who will be performing along with Sarah – Butterfly Boucher and Melissa McClelland. You can watch this enthralling event on January 13th from 8pm.

Watch the Performance Of Danzon on 15th December (8pm). Danzon is a form of art involving music and dance, which used to be practiced in the 1930s and ’40s in Mexican nightclubs. Experience this vintage style art form at Baruch Performing Arts Centre.

The famous Israeli singer Rami Kleinstein is performing at City Winery. The pop superstar will be singing in New York City to celebrate the art and fashion of the Israeli and Jewish-American music. The Isramerica collection will be performed by this famous singer in Israfest.

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New York Events – Bull-Riding Competition, Under The Radar Festival, 14th Annual Contemporary Dance Show

One of the most awaited events, the bull-riding competition, will be conducted in New York City from 7th January to 9th January, 2011. This event is considered to be one of the most anticipated and enjoyable annual sports events. In 2010 this event attracted mostly the local people, but this time it promises more excitement and enthusiasm, and to attract a much wider cross-section. Watch the best cowboys ride on the toughest and strongest bulls at Madison Square Garden, 2 Penn Plaza.

Enjoy this New Year with a lot of enjoyable events starting from January. Under The Radar Festival is taking place in The Public Theatre at 425 Lafayette Street, Manhattan. This festival will be showcasing some amazing works by the masters in their fields. It is offering a crash course on theatre, where you will be learning from experienced professionals. This festival will go on from January 5th to January 16th, so utilise this once a year chance to your fullest.

Japan Society is conducting the 14th Annual Contemporary Dance Show on January 7th and 8th. It will be presenting one of the best dance performances from East Asia. This dance event is the leading event in 2011. You can watch different types of dance forms which will be performed by people/groups coming from different countries, like Solo Acrobatics of Maki Morishita, Ahn Ae-Soon Dance Company of Korea and Tokyo’s choreographer Ryohei Kondo.

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New York Events (December 2010) – RAW World Tour, Comedy At Gonzalez, The Rebirth Brass Band

Get a full-time entertained with the mind-blowing events like plays, music, entertainment and cruise, in this festive season. Youngster’s favourite show World Wrestling Entertainment RAW World Tour is coming with bash on 26th December at Madison Square Garden (7pm). Watch a vivacious wrestling match in a fatal four way steel cage between the powerful champions of WWE, Juan Cena, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.

As this Wednesday is the last one on the calendar, you can catch the whimsical show of Comedy At Gonzalez on 29th December (6pm). The night at Gonzalez y Gonzalez and Comix features food, drinks and a laughter filled-time with the five best comedians of New York City.

The Frazier Brothers have undergone an amazing evolution from playing on the streets of the French Quarters to playing live on the stage across the world. Watch this mystique band, The Rebirth Brass Band which was originally formed in 1983; play in Le Poisson Rouge on 30th December (7pm).

Experience one of the best event on the Eve of New Year, 2011 New Year’s Eve Countdown, at Paddle Wheel Queen (9:45pm-2am). Pump up your energy with the fantastic music that the DJ spins for you. Enjoy the free champagne, complimentary appetizers and the magnificent fire display on the water.

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New York Events – Bodies, Planet Earth, Pond At Bryant Park

‘Bodies – The Exhibition’ at South Street Seaport displays real human specimens to demonstrate the wonders of the homo sapien, on 22nd December from 10:00am to 7:00pm. There’s a treat in store for music lovers at The Ellen Stewart Theater of La MaMa Experimental Theater Club at 66th East Fourth Street on 26th December at 2:30 pm. and 7:30 pm – mesmerizing winter songs by special guests from the corners of the world along with the thrill of ceremonial food.

The New York Aquarium well-known for the astonishing stunt of assorting the wonders of sea life together, has again brought forth an exhibition and an amusement park, ‘Planet Earth: Shallow Seas’. Apart from eye-popping footage from Discovery Channel and exhibits of underwater life forms, the experience made life-like with odors, sensations and sounds is the special attraction of this exquisite fair at Surf Avenue.

Make your winter special by visiting the only ice-skating rink in New York City, ‘The Pond At Bryant Park’, which is free for all. Besides a pond that you can glide upon, a series of activities, events, food and snacks can add to your enjoyment. Get your own skating shoes or conveniently rent a pair at a low cost. Bryant Park is waiting for ice lovers, call (866) 221 5157 for more.

An indoor holiday-fair being hosted by Grand Central Terminal located at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue Hall is a refuge for all fair lovers who may not like the bitter cold outdoors. This annual fair lasting till 24th December includes products of huge interest like accessories, clothing, toys, home décor and jewelry. Visit the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair for the complete experience of a fun fair with the combination of engaging stalls and a fascinating environment.

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