New York Events – The African Film Festival (AFF), The Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA)

Advance and increase your knowledge by attending The African Film Festival (AFF) at 154 West 18th Street, Suite 2A. This festival will be showcasing numerous stories of post-colonial Africa. It was originally founded in 1993, where many people will take part in the discussion of the topics and this will go on for two months. The films showed at AFF are mostly directed by Africans but recently, there was screening of a film made by the Film Society of Lincoln Centre. This festival takes place every year from April to May and helps the African filmmakers to prove their point of view.

The art aficionado can enjoy the beautiful art pieces at the Museum of Modern Arts. This place started in 1929, and now showcases a unique collection of modern art from the 19th century. The MoMA displays all forms of modern arts including paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photography, films, architecture and designs. The museum was renovated in 2006, and now you can see a wider range of art products as there are 8 stories to the building. The renovation was funded by Yoshio Taniguchi.

The museum is a major attraction for those in the educational field, as it provides educational programs in four different areas; Adult and Academic Programs, Community and Access Programs, School and Teacher Programs and Educational Resources. The museum also has two theatres where there are more than 30 screenings.

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