New York Events – Social Hour, Caribbean Garden

Watch and learn about wintertime rituals like Winter Sword Dancing with Social Hour at Central Park on January 20th (6:30pm-8pm). The event is conducted around this time every year. Attend an eye-opening performance accompanied by live music, a lecture and a Q&A session with the dancers. The sword dancers are highly skilled, and they come up with different moves and excitement each time. Social Hour is produced by New York’s Half Moon Sword, and is a world-renowned program which is conducted in every President’s Day weekend. Millions of people come from across the globe to attend this amazing sword-dancing performance.

Experience the magic of Tropics right here in New York City at the Caribbean Garden in New York Botanical Garden. You can join the tour scheduled from January 15th to January 27th, throughout which an exotic collection of trees, flowers and foliage will be shown. The tour will be showcasing a beautiful variety of flowers, from orange-yellow crotons and fuschia bromeliads to rosy-red hibiscuses. This place also features a beautiful Victorian-style glasshouse which was shut down for some time due to last summer’s structural and horticultural renovation. You can also see a variety of other pretty things including palm trees, bright desert landscapes, and unusual species of aquatic and medicinal plants. Discover the diversity in our nature, in this tour starting at 10am each day.

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